King Fridge has been tried by cool tabletop game reviewers all over the world.

Watch and read how they feel about the game!

"I can see this game to be the main attraction in fun evenings with friends"
Lady Bug Meeple - Vienna, Austria
"An instant hit in my house"
Ryan - San Diego, US
"Original and super addictive! For any moment you feel like having a laugh"
Dos Meeples y Un Cuñado - Spain


"A very good party game!"     Nox' Spellenzolder - The Netherlands

"One cool card game that tests your memory, reflexes and judgement"
Abby & Oliver - Canada
"King Fridge combines memorization, card drafting, and a bit of twitch response time into a quick fun game for all ages"
Sayuri - US
"King Fridge looks like some other games, but has much more possibilities and surprising twists, and a fun theme! Grade 8.5/10"
Sander & Lisa - The Netherlands


"It's fun, it's fast, it's super cute, and... super replayable!"     Tabletop Tolson - US

"We recognized elements from other games. But these are just based on luck... King Fridge is different: special cards and the option of dumping cards bring so much more interaction and fun"
Gerben & Tijmen - The Netherlands
"Agile, fun and very replayable! Without a doubt, it is a 100% recommended game if you are looking for something fun, beautiful and suitable for any type of player. Personally, I think it is one of those games that is more enjoyed with the more players there are, since the chaos and interaction multiply"
Unas mazmorritas - Spain
"I think King Fridge is a very cool card game, in my opinion something different. A fun and fast card game"
Viev - The Netherlands