Incredible start of King Fridge crowdfunding campaign!

Incredible start of King Fridge crowdfunding campaign!

Dear backers,

What a great first day! In only 42 minutes King Fridge got funded. This means we will pursue with production of the game. We are so excited and grateful to everyone that has backed us and supported us in many ways! Thank you!

On DAY ONE we reached more than we could've ever imagined:

  • €5000 funding 
  • 500 likes, follows and shares on our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • 233 backers (!)

After day one, our Kickstarter campaign is live for 29 more days. Tell your friends and family about the game, to unlock free game upgrades! We will add upgrades (extra durable cards, even more cards, special box) to your game when we reach more backers and more social media likes & shares. Read more about these so-called stretch goals  on our Kickstarter page!

Again, thanks a lot for your support. We can't wait to see you have a great time playing King Fridge! We'll keep you posted on all major project developments. If you have any questions, reach out to us.

Koen, Niels, Dennis & Sjoerd

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